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The Philips MP30 is a compact, portable Cardiac monitor that provides essential measurements for a variety of care settings. It is ideal for intermediate care, ambulatory surgery, post-operative care, lower acuity areas, and during patient transfer.

The MP30 features a 10.4″ color SVGA display that can show up to three waveforms simultaneously. It also has a touchscreen navigation point for easy control. The monitor can measure a variety of vital signs, including ECG, NIBP, SpO2, temperature, and respiration rate. It also has a built-in recorder that can store up to 8 hours of data.

The MP30 is a networked monitor, which means that it can be connected to a hospital’s electronic medical record (EMR) system. This allows healthcare providers to access the patient’s vital signs from anywhere in the hospital.

The MP30 is a lightweight and easy-to-use monitor that is ideal for a variety of care settings. It is a powerful tool that can help healthcare providers to provide better care for their patients.

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The key features of the Philips MP30 cardiac monitor:

Compact and portable design
10.4″ color SVGA display
Touchscreen navigation point
Multiple vital sign measurements
Built-in recorder
Networked connectivity
Lightweight and easy to use
The Philips MP30 is a versatile and reliable patient monitor that can be used in a variety of care settings. It is a valuable tool for healthcare providers who want to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Philips MP30 cardiac monitor:

Compact and portable design makes it easy to transport between care settings
10.4″ color SVGA display provides clear and easy-to-read vital sign data
Touchscreen navigation point makes it easy to control the monitor
Multiple vital sign measurements allow for comprehensive patient monitoring
Built-in recorder stores up to 8 hours of data for later review
Networked connectivity allows for easy sharing of patient data between healthcare providers
Lightweight and easy to use makes it a comfortable and convenient option for patients
Overall, the Philips MP30 cardiac monitor is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used to provide high-quality patient care in a variety of settings.



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